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  • Each and every reading is specifically curated by me. I believe Astrology is a powerful tool which not just reveals about the future but also gives the power to transform life and discover our true selves. That's why I provide a wide range of detailed readings.

  • For Returning Clients - Please don't book any reading without informing me, otherwise the reading will get delayed.

  • Most clients look forward to understand their divisional charts, please make sure your birth time is accurate.

  • Purchase of 2 or more readings together will prolong the turnaround period (35 to 40 days)

  • Follow up reading/ Post reading doubt clearing on Zoom or Google meet is available.( it will charged on hourly basis)

  • Refund policy - No refunds will be made once the reading is provided to you, in any case if I'm unable to provide the reading then funds will be automatically refunded. 

Relationship Workshop & Marriage Astrology

Marriage Compatibility

(Bond with the Partner)

Are you with the right mate?

Marriage gives one of the most beautiful and important relationship of life. This relationship can bring the best out of you or it may even leave a scar.It depends a lot the bonding between you and your partner. The bonding depends upon the nature,mental attitude and personality of your partner.This compatibility report provides a very detailed analysis of mental, emotional and physical compatibility between you and your partner.The analysis done by comparing and analyzing horoscope of both the partners. This reports requires accurate birth time of you and your partner.
Turnaround time - 35 Days
Basic - Audio Based Reading - INR 4200 / US$ 75  

Advanced - Audio Based Reading - INR 11000 / 180 USD (Includes a detailed Synastry & Navamsha analysis for both bride and groom as well)

Post reading query session available on Zoom ( Charges applied )


Marriage Astrology

(Timing + Nature of spouse )

Heart beats fast, Colors and Promises....

People often talk about fairy tales and soulmates, but what's more important today is to find an ideal partner , who can stand by you in all times as life is not all a fairy tale.(Doesn't include Navamsha analysis)
this service provides you:-
--Timing of Marriage
-Nature and Personality of Spouse
-Simple remedies to overcome the problems.

Turnaround Time - 20 days
Price -

Audio Based Reading - INR 3500 / US $ 65

Heal & Make Space For Love Course

An intensive 4 day course based on 1st/7th House Axis in astrology.

What you will learn?

-In-depth understanding of 1st/7th House axis

-You are the part of a master plan (Your Footprints)

-How people will influence your life path

-How to predict the quality of marriage & partnerships

-The concept of ‘Soul Contracts’

-One’s influence & control in a relationship

-Venus & the matters of heart

-How to easily understand the nature of people

-Self Healing Techniques

-How to attract love and healthy relationships

Price - INR 9,999 / 160 USD

Career and Education

Explore your true potential and hidden talents with help of Astrology

Career Report

Basic Career Reading

This service provides you a detailed career report.
which consist of:-
- Impact of current transit & dasha on career
-Suitable career options
-Future work prospects
--Simple remedies to overcome the obstacles.

Audio Based Reading - INR 3500 / US $ 65

Advanced Career Reading

-Suitable  career options

In-depth analysis of Rashi and Dashamsha division.

- Income & Success rate analysis

-Discover hidden talents + potential 

- How Saturn is impacting your career

- Current transit + 5 year career forecast

- Good and bad periods for career growth

-Future work prospects 

-Simple remedies to overcome the obstacles.

Turnaround Time - 30 Days


Audio Based Reading - INR 7000 / 115 USD

For Zoom Session - INR 9000 / 155 USD


Education Report

-Detailed analysis of birth chart 
-Suggestions related to the best career options.
-Good and bad periods during education.
--Know your hidden talents.

-Impact or present transit & dasha on education.
-Remedies to overcome problems.

Price-  INR 3500 / 65 USD


Explore yourself 

Soul Astrology

Explore your journey & purpose

Discover your journey, purpose and challenges. Atmakaraka and the Amatyakaraka are the two planets which reveal your journey, challenges and how can you accomplish our souls desires.

This report also analyse various planetary placements to understand your true potential and talents.

Turnaround Time - 30 Days

TPrice -

Audio Based Reading - INR 4500 / USD 80

For Zoom Session - INR 6500 /130 USD


Vimsahamsha Analysis
( Guiding deities, mantras to be recited & spiritual journey)

Your Spiritual Journey....

D-20 is a divisional chart which holds the secret of your spiritual inclinations.


This analysis will help you to explore your connection with the higher power.


Detailed analysis of lagna and vimshamsha reveals the deity who has a very close connection to you.


It also reveals the mantras you need to recite and how you can give direction to your life with the help of spirituality.

Turnaround Time - 30 Days

Price -

Audio Based Reading - INR 4000 / 65 USD


The Moonology Report

Explore the ''Bright & Shadow'' aspects of your Personality


Moonology Report

Since ancient times placement of planets from moon was given a great significance. Not just that infact moon's house and nakshatra placement is so important that's why we call it as ''Janma (Birth) Nakshatra'' but why?

Because moon is our MIND. Everything starts from here, It's not what happens to us , but how we react to a situation that matters. Our emotions, reactions & response system is ruled by Moon.

But reading mind/moon is not easy because what we know about ourselves is just tip of an ice-berg. Just like moon waxes & wanes , we have a bright & shadow side to our mind. Though we easily explore the Bright side but fail to acknowledge the Shadow.

Shadow side - the negative attributes, repressed emotions & past trauma, tends to overtake the Brighter side ( talents & qualities ) which results in disasters because it controls our response system.

This reading will provide -

-Detailed analysis of your natal Moon

-Explore your Bright & Shadow side + How it influences your actions

-How the placement of other planets from moon are impacting your thinking & response system.

- Mini Psychic + Tarot reading to understand how your emotional energy is impacting your future journey & abundance

- Remedies

Turnaround Time - 35 Days

Price -

Audio + Video Based Reading - INR 4500/ 80USD

Discover your Journey & Purpose

Life Path Report (Basic)

This reading comprises of predictions related to-

Soul Purpose & Spiritual Path

Career Path & Success

Spouse & Married life

Finance, Income & Wealth

Timing of events & Mahadasha Analysis ( next 5 Years) & Remedies.

Turnaround Time - 35 Days

Price -

Audio Session Reading -195 USD / INR 11000

Post reading query session available on Zoom ( Charges applied )


Life Path Report (Advanced)

This reading is specially curated on request of many clients, the ones who want to explore each and every aspect of their horoscope.  This reading comprises of a very detailed analysis of several divisional charts along with Rashi chart.

This report includes predictions related to various arenas of life like-

-Journey of Soul, Purpose & Past -life insights

-Finances, Property & Wealth

-Career path & Success

--Spouse, Family & Married Life

-Obstacles & Blessings

-Spiritual path, Guiding deity & Mantras

-Timing of Events, Maha dasha Analysis (15 years ) & Remedies.

Turnaround Time - 35 to 40 Days

 Audio Based Reading - 400 USD / INR 25000

Post reading query session available on Zoom ( Charges applied )


Journey Of Soul 
(Insights from Shastiamsha)

There is a reason why you are born with certain planetary placements as each planets signifies a past life deed or you can say karma.

D-60 is one of the most beautiful and mysterious divisional chart.

Just like DNA holds the secret of your heredity and genetics in same way Shastiamsha secretly encloses the information of your soul journey and karmic baggage of all nine planets. Parashara has given great importance to this divisional chart as it the answer to our many questions. It can provide you great insight about your life and the journey of your soul.


This analysis provides you a very comprehensive analysis of shastiamsa along with other important charts to understand your journey of life. It will help you to understand the root cause of your troubles and remedies to overcome them.

Note - I only do two past life readings every month (first come first served basis ) and the reading process is initiated by a Navagraha ritual which is a way to invoke all the 9 planets to seek their permission & guidance to see beyond the karmic knots of the past and also to provide healing energies to the client.

(Make sure your birth time is accurate before proceeding for this report)

Turnaround Time - 35 Days

Price - 

Audio Based Reading - INR 14000 / USD 200

Includes - Based on your Moon Nakshatra, Pooja is offered to 9 planets in a Navagraha in Temple.


Saturn's Oracle

Special Insights About Your Natal Saturn

- Detailed analysis of what Saturn Signifies in your chart

- Karmic debts, Repeating Patterns & Lessons

- What structure you need to create in this life

- Impact on your Soul's Journey & Purpose

- Impact on Career, Money & Social Life

- Impact On Relationships

- Gifts & Challenges 

- Transit & Dasha Analysis

- Remedies

- A ritual done on Saturday, Where a lamp & prayers are offered to Lord Saturn in a Navagraha Temple.(Prayer ritual done by Priest)

- Intuitive insights, messages & any significant guidance.

(I have been offering lamps to Lord Saturn since 7 years on the behalf of other people and whenever I do that, Lord Saturn always blesses me with some guidance and valuable information through intuition which might be helpful to you) 

Price - 

Audio Based Reading -115 USD / INR 7000


The Eye of Venus

Looking at your journey through the lens of Venus

A reading which mainly focuses on Venus and how other planets are aligned with respect to  its position in the chart.

Venus is not just love life, passion marriage, wealth and family but a planet which controls over our inner sense of harmony and balance, plus the ability to heal.

it rules over Anahata(Heart) chakra, therefore regulate feelings like -

I'm loved, My emotions are safe, I'm creating loving and supporting relationships, I forgive....

That's why a reading which mainly focuses on Venus and how it defines your heart, harmony and happiness.

The reading includes a detailed analysis of-

- What makes you beautiful/Gifts from Venus

- Love life, Partnership & Family bonds

- Emotional security & Wellbeing

- How to heal self and relationships (Remedy)

- What challenges your ability to love self 

- Past life issues associated related to love life

- Finances

Turnaround Time - 35 Days

Price -

Audio Based Reading - 200 USD


The Key to Transformation (Navamsha)

Fruits of your desires

images (1).jpg

Navamsha/ Dharmamsha Analysis

We are not here just to express who we truly are and attain what we desire  but we have a lot more to learn, experience and evolve.

Nothing is permanent, Change is everything. Whenever you experience a repeating pattern of events or experiences you should understand the universe wants you to transformation.

Navamsha is the key to unlock and explore you transformation in this life.

It's not that Navamsha activates at late twenties of age infact it's active since the day you were born but the transformations given by navamsha are felt by that time. Well blame it on 1st Saturn Return :)

Your Dharma ( Code of conduct) and Soul mate ( reflection of your hidden personality) are the two important factors in life which will decide the present life experience and transformation.

That's why I'm presenting you with an intense and in-depth analysis of Navamsa in this reading which can help you to navigate with clarity in this life.

This reading will  includes details about your present journey, qualities, success, lessons to be learned, soul mate,experiences of soul through the bond of marriage and most importantly how you will transform.

Turnaround Time - 35 Days

Audio Based Reading - INR 4500 / 85 USD

Zoom Session - INR 6500 / 135 USD

Nakshataraphalam / Lunar Mansion Report

 The Guidance From 27 Lunar Civilizations

Nakshatras Report

Curious about Nakshatra placement of various planets?

 From the ascendant to all 9 planets ,each one of them lies in a particular nakshatra. These lunar mansions can help us to unlock the mysteries of life.This reading offers Rashi chart analysis along with a very detailed analysis of nakshatra placements of various planets( from ascendant to all 9 planets) + Remedies

Turnaround Time - 35 Days

Price -

Audio Based Reading - 90 USD / INR 5500


Love,Friends and Relationships

Who says that compatibility can only be analysed between two romantic partners?
Whether it's your Best friend or Mother this report provides the best way to understand your relationships.

Romance, Love & Friendships Report

Its almost an every day story for us cribbing over relationships,we often wonder why our relationships are often like a roller coaster ride not like a peaceful river. Many of us face compatibility issues with Friends/Parents/Colleagues  or Relatives. Understand your relationship with romantic partner, friend or family members with help of this reading.
Through this report know how you can improve your relationships.
-Detailed analysis of relationships and friends through the birth and divisional chart.
-Remedies to overcome the problems.
Price -

Audio Based Reading - USD $ 75 / INR Rs- 4000


Wealth, Finance & Prosperity

Finance & Debt Report

- An in depth analysis of all the astrological parameters which are responsible for financial growth & income.

-- Yogas of wealth, sudden gain/loss, stagnation & poverty.
- Predictions related to finance, savings and debt.

- Current transit & Dasha analysis.
-Remedies to overcome the problems.(Vastu + Mantras) 
Price -

Audio Based Reading - $ 75 USD / INR 4000


Health & Wellness

Health & Wellness Astrology

All the treasures of life are waste, if your body doesn't support you. Since ancient times astrology and medical science has a close association.
- This report provides a detailed analysis of birth chart and understanding the health issues which You are going through.
-Remedies related to overcome the problems.
Price -

Audio Based Reading - USD 55  / INR -3500


The One Question Report

Detailed Question Report ( Not available )

There are times when you feel confused which way to go,stuck in a situation, here this detailed question report can analyse your current transits and will help you to bring a clear picture in your mind.

-Ask anyone question which is bothering you and get detailed predictions.

( Only one question is allowed)


Transits & Annual Horoscopes

Current Transit Analysis

The transits of planets like Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu always bring major changes in life. These transits can bless us with great success or they can bring difficult challenges. This report provides detailed analysis of such transits and it's impact on your life.

This report includes timing of events and general predictions for next 12 to 18 months.

Audio Based Reading -  70 USD / INR 4000

You can add a mini oracle reading to your current transit analysis by paying extra - 40 USD/ INR 1500 

Zoom Session - 120 USD / INR 6000



Every new year brings new hopes and aspirations, For every individual the new year starts from his/her birthday. An annual chart/ varshaphal chart can be made on every birthday and predictions are made for the coming one year until next birthday.know your coming transits, what all precautions you must take. This report consists of-

-Detailed analysis of individualized annual chart.

-Detailed predictions for the coming year.

-Remedies to overcome the obstacles.


Audio Based Reading - USD- 70 / INR Rs- 4000


The Five Year Report

What lies ahead for next 5 years?

I've always received many requests to provide clients with a five year forecast. And finally I'm introducing this five year report, which will give you a detailed idea of what lies ahead in the next five years. This reading will include many areas of life like home, family, profession/business, obstacles, health and finance.

 Note -(This reading is based on Transits & Mahadasha - Please do not request to read divisional charts here) 

Price -

Audio Based Reading -115 USD / INR 7000

Tarot Readings

You can further increase the depth of your astrology readings by the assistance of guided messages. It also helps my psychic ability to tap into your present energy and what you are truly attracting in near future.

You can get the following readings separately or even can combine with other astrology readings.

1. Traditional Celtic Cross Spread- 

Recorded Video Session - 70 USD/INR 4500

 This reading will provide you with in-depth analysis of your current situation, challenges & future outcome as well.

2. Classic Mirror Heart Spread -

Recorded Video Session - 70 USD/ INR 4500

Its the best reading to understand your present love connection and how you & your partner's energy are blending together.


Healing Rituals 

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