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D-60 | Journey Of Soul (Insights from Shastiamsha)

$ 200 USD

₹ 14000


Journey Of Soul (Insights from Shastiamsha)

There is a reason why you are born with certain planetary placements as each planets signifies a past life deed or you can say karma.

D-60 is one of the most beautiful and mysterious divisional chart.

Just like DNA holds the secret of your heredity and genetics in same way Shastiamsha secretly encloses the information of your soul journey and karmic baggage of all nine planets. Parashara has given great importance to this divisional chart as it the answer to our many questions. It can provide you great insight about your life and the journey of your soul.


This analysis provides you a very comprehensive analysis of shastiamsa along with other important charts to understand your journey of life. It will help you to understand the root cause of your troubles and remedies to overcome them.

Note - I only do two past life readings every month (first come first served basis ) and the reading process is initiated by a Navagraha ritual which is a way to invoke all the 9 planets to seek their permission & guidance to see beyond the karmic knots of the past and also to provide healing energies to the client.

(Make sure your birth time is accurate before proceeding for this report)

Turnaround Time - 35 Days

Price - INR 14000 / USD 200

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