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D-9 | The Key to Transformation (Navamsha)

$ 80 USD

₹ 4500


Navamsha/ Dharmamsha Analysis

We are not here just to express who we truly are and attain what we desire  but we have a lot more to learn, experience and evolve.

Nothing is permanent, Change is everything. Whenever you experience a repeating pattern of events or experiences you should understand the universe wants you to transformation.

Navamsha is the key to unlock and explore you transformation in this life.

It's not that Navamsha activates at late twenties of age infact it's active since the day you were born but the transformations given by navamsha are felt by that time. Well blame it on 1st Saturn Return :)

Your Dharma ( Code of conduct) and Soul mate ( reflection of your hidden personality) are the two important factors in life which will decide the present life experience and transformation.

That's why I'm presenting you with an intense and in-depth analysis of Navamsa in this reading which can help you to navigate with clarity in this life.

This reading will  includes details about your present journey, qualities, success, lessons to be learned, soul mate,experiences of soul through the bond of marriage and most importantly how you will transform.

Turnaround Time - 35 Days

Pricing - 80 USD/ 4500 INR

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