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Discover your Journey & Purpose

$ 195 USD

₹ 11000


Life Path Report (Basic)

This reading comprises of predictions related to-

Soul Purpose & Spiritual Path

Career Path & Success

Spouse & Married life

Finance, Income & Wealth

Timing of events & Mahadasha Analysis ( next 5 Years) & Remedies.

Turnaround Time - 35 Days

Price - 195 USD / INR 11000

Life Path Report (Advanced)

This reading is specially curated on request of many clients, the ones who want to explore each and every aspect of their horoscope.  This reading comprises of a very detailed analysis of several divisional charts along with Rashi chart.

This report includes predictions related to various arenas of life like-

-Journey of Soul, Purpose & Past -life insights

-Finances, Property & Wealth

-Career path & Success

--Spouse, Family & Married Life

-Obstacles & Blessings

-Spiritual path, Guiding deity & Mantras

-Timing of Events, Maha dasha Analysis (15 years ) & Remedies.

Turnaround Time - 40 Days

Price - 400 USD / INR 25000

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