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Relationship Workshop & Marriage Astrology

$ 65 USD

₹ 3500


Marriage Compatibility
(Bond with the Partner)

Are you with the right mate?

Marriage gives one of the most beautiful and important relationship of life. This relationship can bring the best out of you or it may even leave a scar.It depends a lot the bonding between you and your partner. The bonding depends upon the nature,mental attitude and personality of your partner.This compatibility report provides a very detailed analysis of mental, emotional and physical compatibility between you and your partner.The analysis done by comparing and analyzing horoscope of both the partners. This reports requires accurate birth time of you and your partner.

Turnaround time - 35 Days


  • Basic - INR 4200 / US$ 75  

  • Advanced - INR 11000 / 180 USD (Includes a detailed navamsha analysis for both bride and groom as well)

Marriage Astrology
(Timing + Nature of spouse)

Heart beats fast, Colors and Promises....

People often talk about fairy tales and soulmates, but what's more important today is to find an ideal partner , who can stand by you in all times as life is not all a fairy tale.(Doesn't include Navamsha analysis)this service provides you:---Timing of Marriage-Nature and Personality of Spouse. Simple remedies to overcome the problems.

Turnaround Time - 20 days

Price - INR 3500 / US $ 65

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