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Saturn's Oracle

$ 115 USD

₹ 7000


Special Insights About Your Natal Saturn

  • Detailed analysis of what Saturn Signifies in your chart

  • Karmic debts, Repeating Patterns & Lessons

  • What structure you need to create in this life

  • Impact on your Soul's Journey & Purpose

  • Impact on Career, Money & Social Life

  • Impact On Relationships

  • Gifts & Challenges 

  • Transit & Dasha Analysis

  • Remedies

  • A ritual done on Saturday, Where a lamp & prayers are offered to Lord Saturn in a Navagraha Temple.(Prayer ritual done by Priest)

  • Intuitive insights, messages & any significant guidance.

(I have been offering lamps to Lord Saturn since 7 years on the behalf of other people and whenever I do that, Lord Saturn always blesses me with some guidance and valuable information through intuition which might be helpful to you)

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