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The Eye of Venus

$ 200 USD


The Eye of Venus

Looking at your journey through the lens of Venus

A reading which mainly focuses on Venus and how other planets are aligned with respect to  its position in the chart.

Venus is not just love life, passion marriage, wealth and family but a planet which controls over our inner sense of harmony and balance, plus the ability to heal.

it rules over Anahata(Heart) chakra, therefore regulate feelings like -

I'm loved, My emotions are safe, I'm creating loving and supporting relationships, I forgive....

That's why a reading which mainly focuses on Venus and how it defines your heart, harmony and happiness.

The reading includes a detailed analysis of:

  • What makes you beautiful/Gifts from Venus

  • Love life, Partnership & Family bonds

  • Emotional security & Wellbeing

  • How to heal self and relationships (Remedy)

  • What challenges your ability to love self 

  • Past life issues associated related to love life

  • Finances

Turnaround Time - 35 Days

Price - $200 USD

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