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The Moonology Report

$ 80 USD

₹ 4500


Since ancient times placement of planets from moon was given a great significance. Not just that infact moon's house and nakshatra placement is so important that's why we call it as ''Janma (Birth) Nakshatra'' but why?

Because moon is our MIND. Everything starts from here, It's not what happens to us , but how we react to a situation that matters. Our emotions, reactions & response system is ruled by Moon.

But reading mind/moon is not easy because what we know about ourselves is just tip of an ice-berg. Just like moon waxes & wanes , we have a bright & shadow side to our mind. Though we easily explore the Bright side but fail to acknowledge the Shadow.

Shadow side - the negative attributes, repressed emotions & past trauma, tends to overtake the Brighter side ( talents & qualities ) which results in disasters because it controls our response system.

This reading will provide:

  • Detailed analysis of your natal Moon

  • Explore your Bright & Shadow side + How it influences your actions

  • How the placement of other planets from moon are impacting your thinking & response system.

  • Mini Psychic + Tarot reading to understand how your emotional energy is impacting your future journey & abundance

  • Remedies

Turnaround Time - 35 Days

Price - INR 4500/ 80USD

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