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The Holy Month Of Purattasi - When Lord Vishnu came to Earth as Lord Venkateshwara

Once upon a time, During the month of Purattasi everything on Tirumala became divine when Lord Vishnu descended on the magnificent hills of Tirumala.

He descended on earth as Lord Venkateshwara, Since then the month of Purattasi is dedicated to him.

Purattasi is the 6th Tamil month which falls between September and October. This is the best time to pray and seek blessings of Lord Vishnu.

Saturdays of this month are highly auspicious as the influence of Planet Saturn (Shani ) gets reduced during this month.

Devotees can observe full day fast or consume a single meal on Saturdays of this month to seek blessings of Lord Venkateshwara.

It is said that even chanting his beautiful name Govinda, can bless us with happiness and prosperity.

Devotees can also light up a special lamp- Maavilakku, which is made of jaggery, rice flour and ghee.

Purattasi 2017- 17 September to 17th October

Auspicious Saturdays are-

23 September

30 September

07 October

14 October

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