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Ardra -The Storm Within

I've always being a big Harry Potter fan, A story which takes you to a dark isolated world full of magic. Initially as a kid it was the magic and beauty of Hogwarts which kept me spellbound.But with age I absolutely loved the intense characters, from Bellatrix to Hermione these personalities are strong and some how such characters do represent our real world too. So it would be fun to learn nakshatras with help of these characters.

"The mind is not a book, to be opened at will and examined at leisure. Thoughts are not etched on the inside of skulls, to be perused by any invader."-Snape

Professor Snape has always been the most favorite character from HP Series. A Calm And Serious Face With Brooding Eyes Hiding A Massive Storm Within. He is the purest form of Ardra.

Snape was a skilled Legilimens — a witch or wizard with the ability to read another person’s mind. Yes, Ardra natives do have the gift to read minds of other people, their deep penetrating eyes can sense the most nasty secrets of yours but they do sense and admire your good nature secretly. He loved and cared for Harry all the time but never admitted it. In same way it very difficult for Ardra to express the feeling of love.

The Nakshatra Lord Rahu gives sudden ups and downs, which in turn makes one least expressive in relationships as there is a constant fear of losing stability and the loved one as well.

It was really difficult for every one to even guess what was going in Snape's mind plus his slow and elegant speech with electrifying words is a trademark of Ardra. In same way it's difficult to understand the true feelings of Ardra as you have to pass a thunder storm for this and usually they wont speak much but when they do...I'm sorry you don't stand a chance

“After all this time?” “Always”- Snape

Once in love with you this storm would bring life, renewal and growth. Ardra natives do find a lot of balance and stability after 30th year of life.

Overall a beautiful nakshatra which can promise so much, but often misunderstood by the world, just like our Dearest Professor Snape - Defence Against the Dark Arts Teacher :)

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