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Sid Sriram Horoscope

"Dusk darkness creeping in, Drops of rain stain clouds of white linen Frail paper boats of hope try to stay afloat in the natural tide.

Starry eyed stupid, is how it all started and now it has to end Melancholic views mixed with saturated stereotypes This is the state of entropy and all you could do is hold on"

These were the lyrics of a song which I accidentally discovered.

One day I was searching for my favourite song on a music app and then suddenly an ad popped up which was playing a song named "ENTROPY''

The lyrics and voice of the artist made me wondered ''Does he have a Saturn-Rahu conjunction?''

After few months during my shopping spree in Chennai, I came across this same magical voice by accident. I was waiting for my cab and then this auto rickshaw passed by playing a beautiful song in full volume '' Anbe Peranbe". After that it was sure, I need to know who is this brilliant artist. It was the 'SID SRIRAM'

He lives in the hearts of millions all across the globe, I wondered why did I discovered him so late. What next? As an astrology researcher I was so curious to peek into his Horoscope - Lo & Behold

I was right both Rahu -Saturn are together in his chart.

Sid Sriram

Birth date- 19 May 1990

Time - Unknown

Place-Chennai, Tamil Nadu

In his Horoscope Mars is the Atmakaraka and Venus is the Amatyakaraka both of them are giving him a great passion and ability to sing.

Ak Mars is in sign of Saturn that is Aquarius, this sign is ruled by Saturn and co-ruled by Rahu. Both Rahu and Saturn are placed together in Capricorn. So this combination of Mars, Saturn and Rahu is best when it comes to achieving grand success in life.

He's blessed by these planets in such a way that competition will never affect his rate of success, he is a practical and well grounded personality who knows how to find the right direction.

AmK Venus is exalted in Pisces which is providing him with grace and beauty to his voice, no wonder why his love songs always are on top the charts.Venus being the karaka of music and entertainment industry is helping him to incline higher.

Despite of that sweetness in his voice, there is a mysterious undertone to it. Whatever he sings connects to the soul as if his voice is giving reassurance that all broken things in life are meant to give direction and purpose. From pain comes the important lessons of life.

So yes this soothing & mysterious undertone in his voice is all due to Saturn - Rahu association.Plus you can sense the Saturn - Rahu energy through his aura, He looks serious and grounded all the time.

Dev Guru Brihaspati, planet Jupiter is in Rahu's nakshatra Ardra which is providing a great support, that's why he excels in traditional Carnatic Music as well. Right now Rahu is transiting over his Natal Jupiter in Gemini(2019-2020) which has brought more travelling, celebration and music into his life.

Both Saturn and Venus are in Capricorn Navamsha which means he has much more amazing milestones to achieve. He will perform exceptionally well after 1st Saturn Return.

Retrograde Saturn in Uttarashada is promising massive victory and success in future but the same Saturn will give some personal life struggles.

I wish we could know about his correct birth time someday, this would help us to know more about our favorite artist.

All I can say he's born to shine and he will continue to heal the souls with his amazing voice.


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