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Purva Bhadrapada - The doorway to the melting waters of Pisces

A Dream About Irrfan Khan

Irrfan Khan

I have being exploring my psychic gifts since childhood may be I'll tell you the whole story about it in a different post. But I want to say from last two years there has been a massive shift in my abilities.

Through my dreams and visions I usually come across such faces which I have never seen before. In the world of movie remakes, stolen music, plastic people, poor story line and worst acting skills Irrfan Khan was like a Banyan tree - Grounded, Strong, Talented & Beautiful Old Soul

The day he got diagnosed with a rare health issue, it just broke my heart. Like a family member I was always concerned about whether he is doing fine or not. And then he vanished from the screen.

News never mentioned anything much specific about his health improvement, almost every alternate day I use to ask my brother ''Did you came across any news about Irrfan Khan?"

On 29th April 2020, It was my brother who first informed me that the legendary actor is no more. It wasn't a shock for me because I had the fear of this great loss from a long time.

The next 12 nights were absolutely sleepless, because the movement I use to close my eyes, I would see his face. Fans do mourn the death of their favourite celebrities but to this extent?

I wondered does he want to say something to me?

On the 13th night I went to sleep early, thank God no more visions that night. And suddenly I found myself walking on a beach, trust me I have never seen such a beautiful ocean with sparkling waters which had different tones of turquoise, silver, sea green and blue. The shore was vast, long and isolated.

No one was there but then I saw a man at a very far stretch, he was sitting by ocean. It felt like he's enjoying the view of majestic ocean.

I still remember he was wearing a golden beige shirt which was way similar to golden sand.

The more closer I approached to him, his curly hair locks were blowing in the ocean breeze. And finally he looked up at me.

It was him '' A beautiful soul who was once called as IRRFAN KHAN''

The moment I saw him, He chuckled like a new born baby, but those eyes were filled with pure energy and spark of Purva Bhadrapada ( Wisdom & Knowledge attained through constant trials)

His eyes conveyed a message that now his soul knows about the final journey. Now he's aware of the eternal truth, Now he knows why his soul underwent the constant cycle of birth and death, finally he's much closer God.

That classic confusion of PurvaBhadrapada {Whether to chase achievements or wrap everything and prepare for final exit(Spirituality)} is now over, because he's entered into the melting ocean of Pisces.

His happy face, magnificent aura and expressive eyes where asking me to tell the world that ''He is in a good place''.

A place where there is nothing but eternal happiness and divinity. He's much closer to divine and all set for a more beautiful journey.

And then like a typical Hollywood flick( no concluded ending) this dream faded away. Do you know a beach is a symbol of enjoyment and happiness. This assures me he is in a happy place.

Eyes are considered to be the mirror of our soul and his dreamy eyes always carried the expression of wisdom as if this soul has gone through many trials in previous cycles which lead to higher inclination and treasure of wisdom.

He's Saturn is in Purvabhadrapada whose lord Jupiter is Exalted & Retrograde which is a clear indicator of an old evolved soul who came this world to teach something and more over there was a pending lesson to learn. Purvabhadrapada gives two faces.

So he had this one face of entertainer and other face of teacher.

Through entertainment this teacher showed the world how simplicity and wisdom can overpower the fake material world.

No one can replace this beautiful & celebrated soul, Even God loved him so much, that's why the divine took him back way early.

We won't be able to see such a brilliant actor & soul for next many generations.


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