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Kangana Ranaut Horoscope

"I've started from scratch and slept on pavements, so the thought of hitting rock bottom doesn't scare me."

- Kangana Ranaut

Kangana is a leading woman in Bollywood, you hardly see any outsider making a huge name in Indian entertainment industry.

But her journey was not so easy.

They said ''Moon is a benefic planet'' and I always wondered why?

Kangana Ranaut

Birth date - 23 March 1986

Birth time - 07:00 Hours

Place - Mandi, Himachal Pradesh

Whenever I use to watch Kangana talking in an interview, the only question which haunted me was '' Damn where the heck is her Moon"? To my surprise Moon came out to be her soul indicator- Atmakaraka.

It's alone stuck with Kemdrum yoga, literally no support from 2nd and 12th place neither any planet in kendras from moon.Then why is she such a strong woman? Never underestimate the power of Kemdrum moon because it is the one who takes you to outstanding success. In Kangana's life it is the Moon which brought the magic.

A Kemdrum Moon brings many upheavals in life which leads to lack of emotional stability which further affects our ability to think and react to different circumstances.

At a very young age Kangana wanted to do something exceptional and outstanding, all credit goes to the glowing Cancer Moon in 5th house of creativity.

Despite of so many difficulties at young age the Atmakaraka Moon in Ashlesha found great stability through creativity on the other hand it gave no interest in education. I have indeed seen many charts where a kemdrum Moon in 5th house fails to give even formal education.

In case of Kangana's life it was not just Moon but Exalted Venus in first house which paved her way into the field of Art & Entertainment.

Venus along with Sun gives Vipareet Raj Yoga which is a strong reason why she went through so many troubles in initial part of life.

Moon is in Ashlesha whose planetary ruler Mercury is retrograde in 12th house this a placement which is making her a ''Panga'' girl. Literally she speaks her mind, not at all afraid of the consequences. Her way of speaking isolates Kangana from a major group of people in Bollywood.

This Kemdrum Moon has helped her to survive alone in a world where all you see is opposition and loneliness. It has taught her about self love, every thing starts from you. In Navamsha Moon is getting a lot of support from Sun which is a reason even the most troublesome situations never affects her confidence.

On one side Moon gave outstanding success but on the other side it's definitely affecting her relationships, plus Mars the Darakaraka is aspecting Moon causing much instability in matters of love.

All I can say she is here to stay for a long time. From August 2020 starts the Mahadasha of Moon which will bring outstanding professional success for her but along with that personal life struggles and health issues may continue to happen.

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