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Importance of Moon and Moon Chart (Chandra Lagna) in Vedic Astrology

Astronomically planet Moon is closest to Earth, and therefore it's obvious and very natural that Moon holds maximum effect on Earth.

After Sun, Moon has a gravitational pull on Earth. Moon has an effect on every thing that contains water and so controls the water bodies , flora, fauna and humans too.

Astrologically Moon represents Intelligence, Personality,Emotions, Mother, Mind, Travel,Medicine. Menstrual periods are also governed by different phases of Moon.

Many medicinal herbs require moon light for movement of sap which alters the growth, taste and overall qualities of plants.

The Moon takes 28 days to through 12 signs of zodiac and around 2.3 days in each sign.Moon gets debilitated in sign of Scorpio and exalted in sign of Taurus.

Also Moon is most powerful during two weeks of Waxing period (Shukla Paksha) and weak during the two weeks of Waning period (Krishna Paksha).

Earlier Moon Chart was the first the thing to be considered by astrologers.

But with time, Moon chart interpretation is some what lost.

The Ascendant chart shows things on a physical plane but the Moon Chart depict things on a mental plane and that's why its equally important.

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