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Pushkaram / Pushkaralu 2017

Pushkaram is an important festival which is dedicated to worshiping Indian Rivers.There are twelve sacred rivers in India and each of them are associated with the twelve zodiac signs. Each year this festival is celebrated at the banks of a sacred river depending upon the transit of Planet Jupiter/ Brihaspati into a particular Zodiac sign.

The Pushkaram lasts for one year but the first 12 days after the entry of Jupiter into a zodiac ( ADI PUSHKARAM ) and the last 12 days before the exit (ANTHYA PUSHKARAM )are highly auspicious.

It is the best time to honour and perform Shraddha to the deceased ones. It is also auspicious to take holy bath in the sacred river , to offer charity to the needy ones and make tarpana to the Gods.

This year's Pushkaram will be held at the banks of the most sacred river KAVERI as the Planet Jupiter will transit into the sign of Libra.

This year pushkaram dates are [12 September - 23 September ]

Water is essential for life, without it nothing can exist and that's why we worship rivers .So let's take a pledge to save our Rivers. Offer your prayers with great enthusiasm but with a responsibility of keeping our rivers clean and hygienic.

Now let's Explore the story behind the Pushkaram festival celebrations:-

According to ancient astrological text JATAKA PARIJATA -

A man named Pushkara got the boon from Lord Shiva that he would be able to sustain in water. He had the power to purify all the rivers. On the request of Lord Brahma , Pushkara entered into his kamandal/ water carrier in order to purify the water of all the rivers.

when Guru Brihaspati Approached Pushkara for assistance, he denied to leave Lord Brahma's kamandal. Finally it was decided that Pushkara along with lord Brahma and other Gods will enter into one of the each twelve sacred rivers, when Devguru Brihaspati will travel from one zodiac sign to another. Therefore that particular river is blessed with purifying qualities and holiness.

Thus every year Pushkaram festival is held at different rivers.

Various zodiac signs for the 12 sacred rivers:-

Aries- Ganga

Taurus- Narmada

Gemini- Saraswati

Cancer - Yamuna

Leo - Godavari

Virgo - Krishna

Libra - Kaveri

Scorpio- Bhima/Tamrapani

Sagittarius- Brahmaputra

Capricorn - Tungabhadra

Aquarius - Indus

Pisces - Pranhita

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