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Govinda - The Great Illusionist

"Vina Venkatesam Na Natho Na Natha" |

"Sada Venkatesam Smarami Smarami"||

Everything in life is simply uncertain.We keep ourselves busy in making plans but above us lies a master plan. No I'm not convincing you that your life is predestined completely, All I wanna say is our current life actions play a very important role in deciding the course of destiny.

Previously on YouTube I've posted a video on Lunar Nodes (Rahu & Ketu )and how these nodes are nothing but God Vishnu's instruments to test you from time to time. I think that's why he let Svarnabhanu taste Amrit.

The people we meet, the circumstances we face everything is the part his MasterPlan,Its your actions which will be judged. That's the actual test , the way you react to situations decides what's lies ahead.

But this plan often looks like a game, something like a Snakes & Ladder board game. We climb the ladder of WISHES and then get swallowed by snakes of DESIRES.

God Vishnu is the Master of Illusions,remember he is the stage master of this world. You'll be constantly tested by him till the very last breath.

So never get impulsive or triggered in adverse situations, be patient rather than crying and draining your energy think wisely.

Have faith on yourself as within you lies the Bhagvan. (Bhag means basic structural unit like atom so bhagvan means God which resides in each and every atom of this universe)

There is nothing wrong in wishing for all the comforts in life but going on a wrong path or constant grieving will further bind you in the illusions of God Vishnu which in turn means more tests - Snake Bite & Back To Square 1

Patience,Peace, Faith & Wisdom are four pillars on which lies the roof of Success. Play the Game Wisely :)

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