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Who's Your Guiding Deity?

Though God is one, but certainly you can find God in many forms.

Polytheism doesn't mean that there is an entire army of Gods and you need to impress everyone. I often find people switching deities,in hope of finding material happiness. Does that even help??

Every form of God should be respected but remember each form represents specific energies. You need to understand how you resonate with these energies. I remember one of childhood friend,she use to stay quiet, nervous and lost for most of the times.One day when I met her after almost 10 years, I couldn't believe on my eyes.There she was confident, outspoken and bold.

She told about how worshiping to Shiva has changed her life.Yes, Shiva is the only deity who can kill fears & phobias.A Vimsahamsha Analysis can be very helpful in knowing your Guiding Deity, a deity who corresponds to your energy, strengths and weaknesses.

But before diving into astrological perspective, take a back and think deeply. You might already be dedicated to this deity.Look for signs.

Through out my childhood I use see a hazy figurine in dreams.

And one day I came to know that it was not just a figment of imagination.

My ancestors & great grand fathers have dedicated their entire lives in the service of this deity - Tirumalanivasa Govinda ( God Visnhnu ).

The 5th and 9th House of Vimsahamsha always indicates your guiding deity. It also reveals the mantras required to invoke the deity. A detailed analysis of rashi along with vimsahamsha can give better explanation.

You can't conclude your ruling deity by just looking at one planet.For example-

Saturn means Shiva, then Saturn & Moon means - Shiva & Parvati

Mars means Hanuman, then Mars & Mercury means Narasimhaswamy.

But most importantly always focus on your intuitions as I said you might already know this deity :)

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