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Why Loving Yourself Is Necessary?

Sometimes music says what the world fears to talk about.

I'm so thankful to my favorite musician Mark Ronson for such a soul touching and meaningful song.Only strong Ketu personalities like him can openly talk about pain and broken hearts.

"This World Can Hurt You

It Cuts You Deep And Leaves A Scar

Things Fall Apart,But Nothing Breaks Like A Heart"

(- Mark Ronson, Miley Cyrus)

Admit it or not but we all live with a broken heart and shattered hopes.Since our childhood we have being taught to work hard,behave in a socially acceptable manner and most importantly think big.

What we fail to learn as children is to love ourselves no matter how life goes on.I wish we had a subject in School which could have taught us about self love.

Some times hard work fails to deliver success, the person you respect the most treats you like garbage, unaccomplishment of a goal shatters your big dreams and people may criticize you out of jealousy.

Every little failure breaks our heart and what remains within is a feeling of unfulfillment, pain & agony(Scars). But the question is how can we survive in this journey with all that pain?

The answer is LOVE.

Loving yourself is the only way through which you can sustain in this world. Every day people will hurt you, Its your duty to heal and love yourself. No one will come to save you, so STAND FOR YOURSELF.

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