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Why Sometimes Success Fails to Deliver Happiness?? 11th House In Astrology

11th House is not only the house of achievements and hopes, but it also represents higher vibration, sensitivity and empathy after all it belongs to the humanitarian -Saturn

It represents how humanitarian and empathetic people are around us.An affliction to this house can give an inability to enjoy your success. When malefic are associated to this house it promises massive success but along with that comes the inability to enjoy your success.

So a slight affliction or malefic association can make one a workaholic, there will be a constant desire to achieve, achieve and achieve without having any sense of fulfillment.

There's one more strong reason for lack of fulfillment- Our Social Group.

11th house belongs to friends, social circle, guidance from seniors and work associates. Affliction to this house does not give empathetic and sensitive kind of people around us, the one's who can enjoy and cherish over your success.

A human is after all a social animal, its our feelings and bonding with others which really make us special.We seek social approval and appreciation even no matter how successful we are.

Troubled 11th House brings insensitive and stone hearted souls in life who may never help or appreciate you or your success. That lack of social support system like good friends, seniors and colleagues may destabilize your happiness and ability to enjoy the success.

If your 11th House is associated to Sun, Mars, Saturn, Rahu or Ketu, Then its high time to start appreciating each and every accomplishment of yours.

Only through this you'll be able to make the best of this life.

You're Precious, You're Worth It.

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